Flower Care Tips

1) Your flowers may be tired after their journey and so will need a big drink to help them perk up.

2) By following these simple care instructions you will help your flowers to grow and bloom.

3) Here’s what you’ll need: scissors, a clean vase and some luke warm water.

4) Fill your vase half-full with luke warm water (this will encourage any flowers in bud to open up). Remove all the packaging from your flowers.
5) If your flowers contain a magic water cube, remove the stems from it and dispose of the water cube.

6) With your scissors, cut 2-3cm from each stem, remembering to cut the stems at an angle to allow your flowers a large area to drink from.

7) Remove any foliage from your flowers that fall below the water line to discourage bacteria.

8) Arrange your flowers and display them away from draughts, radiators and fruit.

9) To maximise the life of your flower gift keep the vase water topped up regularly.